Shamanic & Alchemical Work

This list is not a menu but is intended as small window into understanding this beautiful work. But if you see yourself in these offerings, if something stirs, then further inquiry may be what is called for.

There is no way to encapsulate it in words for full understanding. A significant piece of embarking upon this work is learning to trust The Great Mystery. It is also true that the healing spirits guide the process for the work that is most needed on a given day and so we consult them and we seek resonance within you in the form of permission.  I invite you to experience the work and its many offerings throughout time, to dip into The Great Mystery and taste the textures of the unseen. 

Shamanic & Alchemical Work 

to sell your property (& find your new one), to honor the ending of a relationship, to unfetter from an old dream, to heal from job loss (& become energetically available for your next chapter)...

Intention Seeding & the Manifestation Mandala (private appointment)

Please reach out to me at to set up a 30 minute consultation.