Classes & Gatherings

Power Animal Journey

When: Sunday - 18 June 2023

Time : 8:30-10:30am Pacific  via Zoom

power animals can assist us in life. if you have a goal, if you have a conundrum, if you have a particular yearning, asking for the support of a power animal is a beautiful resource. 

we will talk power animals and there will be a guided journey to  discover and attune with a power animal. 

Bring your curiosity and what you are working with.

$33 to register.

Recording will be available if this timing does not work for you. 

Please inquire via email. 

Logistical Details

July New Sturgeon Moon Manifestation Gathering 

will be held via Zoom on Sunday, July 16, 2023 

8:30-11am Pacific Time, *9-11am for returning participants

Recording will be available if this timing does not work for you. 

Please inquire via email. 

$33 payable via Venmo (@MWillowhawk) or PayPal ( 

Please send an email after you sign up and I will send you a zoom link.

July New Sturgeon Moon 

Manifestation Mandala Gathering

When: Sunday - 16 July 2023

Time for new participants: 8:30-11am Pacific Time

The first 30 minutes will give introductions to the ritual space and 

discuss intention setting. It is required for those new to my new moon 

gatherings and all participants are welcome to attend that part as well.    

Time for those returning: 9-11am Pacific Time

At the top of the hour we jump right into jotting down initial intentions 

and then into themes & allies.    

 Where: Held via Zoom

Please inquire about recording if the time does not work, as I will offer a 

recording for a few days after.

As the time of the new moon is ripe for seed planting, we will seat ourselves in the most fertile ground for the manifestation of our individual hopes and dreams.

In the gathering, we will create our own...

Moon Manifestation Mandala

which we seed with our intentions. It will be inclusive of the typical areas of our lives in which we often desire to manifest, AND of topics my helping spirits bring forward for consideration. I will lead you on a guided journey where you will discover what your true self wishes to manifest. While in the experience, you will jot down what rises for you to be added to your mapping. (Bring paper and pen or pencil!

This ritual will be transformational & magical + you will have opportunity to learn about different oracle cards, spirit cards, runes, … in an experiential way, plus set yourself up for an empowering month. 

It will be intriguing and inspiring! As with any of my gatherings, it may be illuminating to beautiful medicine, both in the luminous and shadow realms. 

This can be super fun to experience with friends too, so please feel free to invite as you feel called. Zero experience necessary.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, feel free to stay in your pajamas (no matter your time zone, I'm not judging), let's meet from your couch and explore some magic! 

SIGN UP: $33 via Venmo (@MWillowhawk) or PayPal (

Please email after signing up & I will send a link to the gathering.


Upcoming New Moon Manifestation Themes

July New Sturgeon Moon (Gathering: Sunday July 16, 2023)

This gathering will include intention seeding & divination from allies that step forward in specific relation to this moon cycle. 

I do offer private Manifestation & Healing Mandala appointments as well because sometimes things feel more complex and you could benefit from a working session together for clarity. It is held within the context of a Shamanic Appointment.

🌟coming soon 🌟


Date TBD

The language of the heart is symbols... The language of the unseen world, of the sacred. Language itself is an assemblage of symbols that we have learned to use in unique ways. 

It is said that we each have a unique symbol for our soul essence. In shamanic work, soul retrieval in particular, this is often part of the healing delivered. 

There are ancient symbols as well. Rudimentary in their simplicity ...and as such embodying the completely profound nature of symbols! 

In this class, we will look at some of the ancient symbols known as runes. We will lean in deeper to what they mean and to how they may assist you in your life, in your desires, in your own manifestation in life. 

This class is informative and it is fun! Bring your curiosity and your openess to the Great Mystery! 

Date/Time TBD soon

Will be held via Zoom

Please inquire via email

Please reach out to Melissa at to sign up for the class!