What does a session look like?

What to expect

Come with openness and with curiosity
This is spirit work. I access information with the help of benevolent guiding spirits who have a different perspective, a different vantage point than we humans do in our everyday. My practice honors nature and the many different timelines that exist. As client you don’t need to be knowledgeable about any of this and yet I, as your healing practitioner, would be delighted to share what I am shown. The process is deeply ethical; nothing is asked or done without your consent.  Trust and honor are very important mainstays within my tradition as is the preservation of your sovereignty and agency. 

Bring what’s on your heart, lightly and/or the deeper conundrums, and together we can divine what it is you are seeking to shed light upon.
You can bring specific quirky issues, odd things you’ve noticed, weird curiosities, deep desires, relationship tensions (with anyone), personal growth, shadow work, absurd feeling questions ...all of this juicy stuff that you don’t know where else to go with or about which you simply seek a different perspective. All of this hold relevance to the manifestation of your dreams, and the alignment with your path.

We will talk and connect.  

We will form the pertinent questions as they percolate. 

I will ask my guiding spirits.  
I whistle, rattle, drum... it is a journey I take to ask and see what I learn for you. 

I will share with you all that I learn.  
The helping spirits communicate in unique ways... I work with them to weave a healing story for you, to relay the depth of what they offer. I return from my journey with insights, answers, rituals that would help facilitate the results you seek. Rituals typically involve the elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) and a symbolic honoring of a prescription the helping spirits give for you. 

There’s so much depth and texture to what I can do with the helping spirits on your behalf. The unfolding of this is absolute beauty and an honor to be able to share with you.

An appointment is an embodied experience. Some things noted here are always present in a session and there are many others utilized throughout depending upon what the helping spirits prescribe.

 Drumming. Rattling. Singing. Chanting. Toning. Sound Instruments: Tuning Forks, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingsha. Shamanic Journeying. Mediumship. Mind Rooms. Guided Journeying. Runes. Guided Meditation. Oracle Cards. Flower Essences. Incantation. Invocation. Manifestation Mandala. Healing Mandala.


If your curiosity is piqued, if you’re feeling drawn to explore more, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be honored to work with you to introduce you to the rich worlds of shamanism and magic, and to seek insights and all that the helping spirits have to offer on your behalf. We begin with a 30 minute consultation to help us both envision how and if this work may be helpful to you. 

Appointments are 2 hours and will be held via Zoom at this time. 

While each session is aligned with the highest good, there are many layers present in each unfolding that present in myriad ways. The feelings of being resourced and filled up may be immediate, or you may feel them opening within you more gradually. There is no right or wrong way to feel after a session. It is good to be open to multiple sessions for ultimate unpacking, and to reach a sense of completeness.

It feels important to note that this webpage will ebb and flow with information, offerings, and the evolution of my practice. I welcome you to this process of discovery and learning, to this unfolding. 

Please reach out to me at willowhawkmedicine@gmail.com to set up a 30 minute consultation.