Glimpsing Sacred Spaces

These images featured are my own. Please respect this and do not use for other purposes. 

The Role of Ritual

In sacred space,

flow happens, 

magic is palpable, 

change is alchemized,  

truth rises 

and possibilities thrive.

This place can be within you.

This place can be your home or land. 

This place can be a moment in time of felt congruence, of magic. 

This place is always one of empowerment.

Connecting each of us with our sacredness 

in any or all of these ways, empowers us 

and entrains us to our soul path...                  

...we can lead a fulfilled life 

by connecting with our inner and outer spaces in sacred ways,

by partnering with them as guides 

to spark the magic within us.

I seek to actualize these sacred places, these magical spaces, moments even

by aligning with the helping spirits of the subtle realms,

by raptly listening, 

by looking into the in-between spaces,

by forming and casting the cogent query,

and by receiving the response via luminous transmission.

Then, by way of alchemy, infusing ritual with its resonance,

for our humble consumption.


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