From my decades as a healer, bodyworker to shamanic healer, my beautiful clients offer some thoughts on their experiences with me. I humbly offer them to you as indication of my character and my committment to my work, no matter its form. 

Regarding the Moon Manifestation Mandala Gatherings:

 "Woohoo!!! That was awesome! I feel like I am vibrating. That was a WHOLE LOT of energy, information, downloads, power that you held the container for and co-created. Such a cool offering. Thank you so much! I'm hoping that my calendar allows me to attend as many of these as possible, as it really seems like there would be a lot of power in the monthly gathering and evolution of intentions over time.

Moon Manifestor

Regarding the Moon Manifestation Mandala Gatherings:

 "Ah it was so so so good! I loved that process and took so much away from it. I have re-read my notes several times already! You have such an amazing way of making the unseen feel so tangible and right on the surface. These opportunities to be led by you on these journeys feel like such a gift, thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight with us all." 

Moon Manifestor

"I have been practicing and receiving healing arts for 30 years. In my experience it is challenging to find a healer that has true integrity. Melissa does! She is master at creating a safe, sacred container. With both reverence and humor she weaves together a transformative session with her many skills as a seeress, a shamanic practitioner and body worker. She is the real deal."

Rachel Fisher


"I had a splendid guided Journeywork session with Melissa Willowhawk. She is very welcoming and understanding. She guided me through some levels of myself which led to a deeper understanding of a root block that we unpacked and healed. Healing this gave me a much needed boost of confidence in this specific area of my journey. Melissa even led me to connecting with some loving spirit guides in a more clarifying way that have been supporting me. A few hours after our session a new level of awareness and a remembered ability unlocked within me from the healing work we did. She is sharp, very intuitive, and aware to do this deep multidimensional Journeywork. I am grateful for this experience and to work with another soul who is on the shamanic journey."


"Melissa is a terrific healer. Even though I was receiving bodywork from her, I always felt tended to on many different levels, including emotionally and mentally. I would always thoroughly enjoy relating to her as I was receiving her care. She has a unique ability to home in on exactly what might be causing energetic blocks in one's being. We would often arrive at those blocks, talk through them, and smoothly dissipate them in a swirl of wonderful energy just by relating and laughing about the ways life brings forth lessons. It was always a joy to partake of Melissa's energy, and I would invariably come out feeling relaxed and inspired after having sessions with her. She is a natural at engaging with you in just the right way to soothe and energize your spirit. Needless to say I highly recommend having a session with her."          


"Melissa is a conscientious therapist.  She is a good listener and is concerned about her clients.  Melissa is very sensitive, empathic and intuitive and makes a good shaman being so in touch with the spiritual aspects of life."



Longmont, Colorado

"I have had back issues for some time, so I decided to try deep tissue massage. I saw Melissa every two weeks for years. Melissa was good for both my physical and mental health. She is skilled and a person of integrity.  During the massage, we talked about life - not just the superficial but the deeper - just like the massage! I have greatly missed her since she left Boulder. A better massage therapist would be hard to find."

Boulder, Colorado

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