Expansion Journeys

at the new moon

The "Expansion Journeys" are a monthly offering for growth via a guided journey. Birthed within an animistic tradition where all things have a spirit and we can communicate and learn from them, the guided adventure is very much like a guided shamanic journey but as it requires no experience - it is akin too, to a guided meditation. Each one is a transmission meant to bring the adventurer into resonance with their soul paths and desires. They carry a resonance that invites the adventurer to attune to it, and in that attuning, to evolve/uplevel… to become more aware, more expanded, more healed, less blocked… and more in touch with their personal power and medicine. They are held at the new moon as it is a ripe time to step into expansion. 

There is also a separate & optional companion piece that includes very practical (& witchy) suggestions for how to manifest in partnership with the moon, creating a <new> moon mandala for yourself.

They are held via Zoom and a recording is available for a period after the live gathering for asynchronous participation.

"We can uncover the shadow, 

break limiting beliefs,

Cast ourselves forward in great relief,

Shift unsavory patterns within our lives

& to call to us, new allies that help us thrive…"

-Melissa Willowhawk

What people are saying

 "Woohoo!!! That was awesome! I feel like I am vibrating. That was a WHOLE LOT of energy, information, downloads, power that you held the container for and co-created. Such a cool offering. Thank you so much! I'm hoping that my calendar allows me to attend as many of these as possible, as it really seems like there would be a lot of power in the monthly gathering and evolution of intentions over time." 

about the Expansion Journeys..

"Ah it was so so so good! I loved that process and took so much away from it. I have re-read my notes several times already! You have such an amazing way of making the unseen feel so tangible and right on the surface. These opportunities to be led by you on these journeys feel like such a gift, thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight with us all." 

How to sign up for the Expansion Journeys


Expansion Journey sign up: $33

This is how to sign up to attend the Expansion Journey live and/or asynchronously. They are held virtually via Zoom and recording is available for a period after, specified each month.

Expansion Journey participation + 1-HOUR Shamanic Alchemy appointment: $99

This is a sign up for attending the Expansion Journey live and/or asynchronously. Recording is available for a period after, specified each month. 

+ a 1-hour shamanic alchemy appointment to assist with integrating the new awarenesses of what arises in the expansion journey The intention is to assist you with manifestation and to consult helping allies for contextualizing your experience, in whatever ways you bring forward.

Payable via Venmo (@MWillowhawk) or PayPal (paypal.me/mwillowhawk)

Email willowhawkmedicine@gmail.com after sign up and I will send a link to the gathering.

October Hunter Moon Expansion Journey

When:  Sunday, 15 October 2023,  9-11am Pacific Time

Open for Sign up

9-11am Pacific Time  

 Where: Held via Zoom, recording available

Come join the LIVE Gathering of October's Hunter Moon Expansion Journey with particular themes for October 

+ Video provided on Manifestation & Intention Seeding

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, feel free to stay in your pajamas (no matter your time zone. 

I'm not judging), let's meet from your couch and explore some magic! 

Available for purchase as recording through the full moon.

SIGN UP: $33 or $99 via Venmo (@MWillowhawk) or PayPal (paypal.me/mwillowhawk)

Please email after signing up & I will send a link to the gathering.


Upcoming Monthly EXPANSION JOURNEY Dates


October Expansion Journey  (Gathering: Sunday October 15, 2023)

Syncing up with the new moon on October 14th. 

 The element of AIR and the weavers will be honored allies for October.

November Expansion Journey  (Gathering: Monday November 13, 2023)

Syncing up with the new moon on November 13th. 

The element of WATER will be an honored ally for November + themes of Gratitude will circulate through.


I do offer private Manifestation & Healing Mandala appointments as well because sometimes things feel more complex and you could benefit from a working session together for clarity. It is held within the context of a Shamanic Appointment.

Please reach out to Melissa at willowhawkmedicine@gmail.com to sign up for the class!