Shamanic & Alchemical 

This list is not a menu but is intended as small window into understanding this beautiful work. There is no way to encapsulate it in words for full understanding. A significant piece of embarking upon this work is learning to trust The Great Mystery. It is also true that the healing spirits guide the process for the work that is most needed on a given day and so we consult them and we seek resonance within you in the form of permission.  I invite you to experience the work and its many offerings throughout time, to dip into The Great Mystery and taste the textures of the unseen. 

Shamanic & Alchemical Work 

What is your vision? Reconnection with your flow


we create a healing mandala for your intention seeds, desires in healing, & for your vision

This is our first session together and helps bring clarity forward in regards to what you are seeking. It creates a bridge from where you are present moment into the vision you hold for yourself. It illuminates blocks and beliefs you may have, and it begins the process of shifting your resonance into alignment with your soul path. There is a lot of information that comes forward in these sessions from the helping spirits, a process called divination. I find it to be an amazing manifestation tool as well. 

Release outdated patterns, remove blocks


...because having fuller access to our power infuses us with purpose

Unraveling. Unwinding. Unbinding.

Thought Forms

Let's start with Thought Forms. We all have thoughts. They are the thing we try and escape from when learning to meditate, they are sometimes fleeting and at other times obsessive, they can feel intrusive, they can inspire happiness. We are even taught that thoughts have power. The perspective that I work from acknowledges that thoughts can indeed have power, particularly when they gain momentum, when they tie in experiences and other thoughts, when they begin to convince us of things... to shape our perspectives and dreams. This is neither a negative nor positive, it is just so. But when the momentum has reached crucial force, then the effect can feel impactful, and sometimes uncomfortable, limiting and negative. The work that I do addresses when a thought form becomes a force that acts in our lives and that ties up our life force energies.

Unraveling. Unwinding. Unbinding.

Dreams that are no longer

Resolving unmet expectations and unfulfilled -or even just old- dreams. We may all have experienced pouring ourselves into our dreams and yet, they shift for myriad reasons. How do we create good endings so that we can enjoy great new beginnings filled with full possibility? How do we recall our energy from what once was?

Unraveling. Unwinding. Unbinding.


There are times when our current life patterns have been set in motion earlier in our lineages as well. They can take on a genetic component, or a familial commonality. There are times when in previous lives, we have made agreements or received a binding that still influences our current day life. In this work, we refer to these as curses although it is important to name that while curses can be quite intentional, there are many -still quite effective- that were not intentionally set as curses but persist as curses. 

This is a practice dealing very much with energy investment. We can reclaim energy and power for you in your life, release old patterns and dismantle blocks. We can work with limiting beliefs, core beliefs, assimilation of parts of you into congruence, essentially giving you more YOU to reach your current dreams, your soul alignments!

I have a deep affinity for this work. For me it is like uncovering the crystal inside the layers of rock, the pearl within the oyster, and it is righting the course. Please visit for more in-depth information regarding "unraveling, unbinding, unwinding". 

Connect with your space, your land in intentional ways


Home, Land, Office Tending... Clearing and Blessing

...because connecting with our spaces in intentionally sacred ways inspires us 

There are many interwoven components to space tending that vary according to what intentions there are for the land and home. Is the home being prepared to sell? Have you just bought the home and wish to bless and clear it? Are there symptoms presenting? Do you wish to have a stronger connection with different aspects of your home and land? At the time of our consultation, we can discuss some of this to hone in on our work.


This work can be done remotely. Shamanically, I have a team of allies that work together to work with your space once the invitation is made. We journey to your space and address concerns, make discoveries, and ultimately help to bring about balance- whether that is improved flow, protection and containment, better communication, understanding. 


This work can be done in person as well! When I have the opportunity to travel to a home and work with it, I am thrilled to. Upon arrival at your space, the purview for the work is established, I journey with my helping spirits to learn more about what is percolating, and beautiful rituals are set into motion in the space to bring resonance and harmony. Offerings can be made to the land spirits with whom you share your space, elements can be balanced, harmonious living can be negotiated.  

Sessions vary in length according to what is needing attention. In person appointments are often 2 to 3 hours. Remote, 2 hours. There can be ongoing work recommended by the allies. This all will be addressed to formulate a plan that you feel good about meeting your goals. 

Find your purpose, your path



One of the deepest yearnings we can have in our lives is for why we are here... how to make sense of it all... what are we "supposed" to be doing... are we on the "right" track. At certain times on our paths, we reach for the deeper spiritual meanings. 

This work does not feign to make a certain path right or wrong, as there are many ways to connect with our personal truths. We use inquiry and perspective to bring forward what you have been showing yourself throughout your entire life. We dive into the deeper questions of what your spark is and then of how you wish to share it with the world.

This is a holistic approach to recognizing your soul purpose, and to shamanically clearing barriers that we may find along the way. As we locate your "why", we attune you to it and also begin to identify pathways to the "how" - how you may live into your purpose.  

These are shamanic sessions that work with bringing forward your luminosity and developing fully your relationship with your true self as well as your path in this world of form. 

Intentionally, magically ask for help


In my work, spell weaving is an alchemical process of witchy ritual combined with shamanic inquiry and asking for assistance of the helping spirits. 

In my experience, spell weaving is congruent with the energy and intention of prayer or blessing that also calls upon assistance from the many directions, the elements, helping spirit allies, and powerful tools found in sacred symbols and of folk medicine lineages. It is part- manifestation, part- asking for assistance, and part- holding intention. Yet another part is divination, where I work with my helping spirits to see what is needed for the best possible outcome for all beings. 

It is important to note that I strive to work spell weaving from a place of personal and high integrity. I wish to honor the myriad perspectives that exist for all beings, and that can be unknown to us in the human plane. 

See "what is so" in a situation


The runes are an alphabet, the formations of a language of old. As has been my learning with all alphabets, each symbol or letter holds so much more texture beyond the straight forward usage. For example, in anthroposophical eurythmy, we learn the moods, textures, and postures of each letter in the A to Z alphabet. Each holds such a sentient experience that communicates well beyond spelling. In my experience, the same can be said of the runes. 

The runes are, current day, still used in myriad ways and hold various valid meanings for each individual in relationship with them.

My relationship with the runes is one of partnership and deep respect. I find that each rune holds significance that shimmers differently in relationship to other runes, and to different circumstances. They are dynamic and power-filled, as well as filled with living history and personality.  For me, calling upon them is an honor and I find that they will speak their mind quite freely. 

Rune readings are delightful to see into a situation, and to understand what energies may be at play. I find them to be powerful truth tellers. 

Heal trauma, become more wholly you


This is work I actively do. Description coming soon...

Work with your sovereignty and boundaries


 Cord Cutting, Differentiation, Renegotiation

This is work I actively do. Description coming soon...

Let go of anything that is not yours


I might describe this as energetic surgery. Extraction is a shamanic healing within which the helping spirits remove what are called "intrusions" from your form and field. There are myriad reasons why one might have intrusions. What matters most here is knowledge that they can be cleared and awareness that the experience of having an intrusion can feel like physical pain, like something is lodged within you, like a disconnection area, or generally uncomfortable. It is also possible to have intrusions without realizing it, often times due to becoming accustomed to a certain "normalcy" within oneself. Extraction work can feel very liberating in many ways.

Release what is not you


This is work I actively do. Description coming soon...

Find guidance and growth


 This is work I actively do. Description coming soon...

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