Willowhawk Medicine

Welcome to this sacred space of Shamanic Alchemy.

A place to get in touch with your spark and power, and to unite with your flow on your path.

Willowhawk Medicine is a Healing practice focused on working with Change and Expansion. Helping you to get unstuck and get clear, to heal and attune to your purpose, is our passion.

The approach weaves shamanic healing, manifestation methods, rituals & alchemical tools together from a holistic perspective. This looks like shamanic journeying, partnership with benevolent healing spirits, and infusion with magical tools that are steeped in mystery traditions, and deep reverence for The Great Mystery. 

This work is inward focused for outward results. 

Steeped in the belief that there are two ways to see in the dualistic world: inward- to how you can work with and empower yourself, or outward- to who is to blame - this work is with the inward path, in present moment constructs, conundrums, desires. The healing path is through you.

In this healing practice, the work is about change. Subtle and profound. 

🍃 When we celebrate beginnings and hold space for endings in ritual - we are observing and collaborating with the energetic changes in our corporeality, in our relationships, in our humaness and our vows. 

🍂 When we release the old and outdated - we are changing posture, and opening up to new blessings. 

🍃 When we unravel a belief, thought form, curse that is binding or blocking - we are making shifts that invite a change of flow in our lives.

This work helps to catalyze, hold space for, learn from, disentangle from, release energetic enmeshment, transmute, unfetter, shift perspective, welcome new possibilitiy, approach new path, shift posture, call for blessings, create ritual to honor and integrate, manifest, free & spread wings, and rebalance.

Bring your...

Change and shift...

Gaining traction on your path, finding your flow happens by unfettering you and by getting really clear. 

Then we build the momentum magic!

Bring it and we will lean into The Great Mystery together. 🪶🧚✨

Please reach out at willowhawkmedicine@gmail.com to set up a 30 minute consultation.